Jason Aldean “Miracles For Kids” On Air Auction

Thank you to everyone who submitted bids to help out MU Health Care’s Children’s Hospital while at the same time potentially getting the chance to meet Jason Aldean on March 13th! Our final bid was $3,000!! 🙂 

The money raised from this auction will go directly to our Missouri Credit Union Miracles For Kids Radiothon this Thursday and Friday from MU Health Care’s Children’s Hospital in Columbia. So every $$ you donate will go to help local, sick kids.

Thank you everyone who submitted bids! 

Final Bid/Winner: $3,000

Miracles For Kids Radiothon Info



  1. Do you get a response on your submission of pledge for the Jason Aldean drive to your phone?
    I sent in a text pledge and it isn’t showing.

  2. Hey Benny/Ani! We did receive your bid and just texted you back.

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