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Jay Reveals Why He Almost Left Rascal Flatts

Rascal Flatts just celebrated their 20th anniversary, but bassist Jay DeMarcus revealed that milestone almost didn’t happen. 

As the band begins to part ways, Jay admitted he almost walked away years ago because of the ‘I Melt’ music video. The video features bandmate, Joe Don Rooney, showing off his bare butt. 

Jay said, “There was no discussion. I didn’t even know there was a nude scene in it. I stormed off the set because I was very angry that we were gonna put nudity in our video. That is the truth. I almost quit the band that day, because our manager, Trey Turner, did not tell me, and they sprung it on me at the shoot, and I thought, ‘My Lord, I’ll never be able to go back to Lee University again or stick my head back in a Baptist church anywhere once this comes out.’  So, I didn’t know that it was goin’ down, cause I think they knew what my reaction was gonna be.”

Before Rascal Flatts, Jay was a member of the Christian music group East to West and attended a very conservative university. 

Thankfully, Jay stayed and the legendary trio continues to make country music history! 


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