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Jerry Seinfeld At The Super Bo…I Mean The Big Game

Seinfeld made the media rounds, and I’ve never been more glad that Al Gore invented the internet.

He wasn’t promoting anything in particular although his web series, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee came up quite a bit.

Jerry is a well-known New Yorker, and has always seemed eager to promote his hometown.  And with even more radio and TV shows in town than normal for the Super Bowl, it was likely a great chance to talk to a lot of people, in a short amount of time.

The interview that got the most attention was with “Boomer & Carlton” on WFAN radio, with Jerry admitting that there is a “Seinfeld” reunion, of sorts, that we’ll be able to see very soon!

He also spent some time with “Mike & Mike in the Morning” on ESPN Radio.  If I ever had the opportunity, I’m certain I would react much like Mike Greenberg, who is also and over-the-top Jerry Seinfeld fan just trying not to look and sound stupid with his hero.

You can check that one out here.


He was also on “The Dan Patrick Show“, where Jerry gave some comedy lessons while doing a critique of a video bit that Dan’s staff did.


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