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KCLR-FM, Ireland?

(In honor of St. Patty’s Day, we brought this post back from a couple of years ago…)

We recently found out about a radio station in Ireland with the same call letters as us, and we thought it was pretty cool!  Check out their website, Facebook and hear how they say “KCLR”!

We contacted them about doing something fun for St. Patrick’s Day but couldn’t get together in time.  But we’d still like to salute them this weekend as our “sister station”!

Check out their website and you can listen to their stream.

You can also follow them on Facebook & TwitterWe’re going to!

Here’s a few snippets of their on-air programming, including a weather forecast, a DJ playing Britny Spears, a promo for a soccer game they will air and a brief bit of their news.



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