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Keith Urban Opens Up About A Lot

Have you ever heard anybody say “I don’t like Keith Urban.”?  Yeah, me neither.

I’ve never heard anybody say they don’t like his music either.  It may not be your favorite, but you don’t not like it, right?

And God help me but I LOVE his hair.  And I honestly don’t mean in a jealous-I-wish-I-had-it way, I just think it’s fantastic!

His “likeability” is why many of us got excited when he agreed to be a judge on American Idol.  I seldom get into the show, but I loved the fact that America would see him as a representative of Country music.

Keith recently did an interview with Rolling Stone, and he opened up about a lot of things that I found really interesting.

Like the reception he got on his first trip to Nashville in 1989.

Well, it wasn’t glowing. I appreciate that they were at least pleasant. They were not mean or anything, but I just didn’t fit in yet.

On Song writing.

I didn’t feel like a writer. I still don’t to this day. Nashville is full of great songwriters, you know the Harlan Howards… I am not cut from that. I’m a performer and a musician, entertainer, and I love writing and have had some luck in writing, but I don’t call myself a writer.

On his addictions.

I got on a bit of a three-day bender and couldn’t come to the session and had to call them and tell them I’m going to be a bit late. Then I would call them and say I’m going to be a bit later. And then I would call them and be a bit later. And I completely missed the session. I lived like a street away. It was ridiculous. I could have walked there with my guitar in hand and I couldn’t make it. I remember just feeling so ashamed and disgusted at myself. I finally [showed up] the next day.

On a couple of trips to rehab.

I was very ready. I remember having been in rehab a few weeks, and the CMAs happened while I was in there. I forgot they were on. That’s how much I had gotten into this recovery. I had gone to bed and I remember our night tech coming in and him saying, “You just won something. Male vocalist? CMAs or something?” And I was like, “Really?” And he said, “Yeah, off to bed,” and he shut the door. And I said to my roommate, “Hey, I just won Male Vocalist of the Year,” and he’s like, “That’s awesome.” I just lay there in the dark going, “How weird is this?”

On his wife Nicole.

I have a wife who is just from another planet. She is so celestial. I say that I was born into her. That is the best way I can describe how I feel about her and us. It means that I felt like I was just sitting dormant, and she came along and I came to life. I was born into her, so who I am now was waiting the whole time.

My man’s deep.  No wonder women swoon.  That’s one of those lines the rest of us guys wish we’d have come up with.  But he’s so genuine, it doesn’t come out like “a line” at all.

Check out the rest of the interview here, and get set for Keith in St. Louis on August 1st!
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