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Keith Urban’s New Single

Keith Urban has released a new single from his Ripcord album.

The song is called “The Fighter” and features none other than Carrie Underwood.

Keith Urban said “The Fighter” came to him quickly as he was headed to the studio one day. He was thinking about how long it had been since he heard a song where a girl and a guy ‘spoke’ back and forth to each other.

Choosing a female voice to help record the song was easy for Urban. He and Underwood had previously sung together and knew their voices meshed well, so she was “unquestionably” the right person, and Urban was relived when he found out she wanted to record the song with him.

Listen to “The Fighter” courtesy of Keith Urban’s YouTube channel here:

The two will be performing “The Riser” live at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards on February 12.

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