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Kenny Chesney – Life on a Rock [Tracklist]

Kenny Chesney‘s upcoming album is due out April 30th but you can listen to it ahead of time.

Life On A Rock is available for listening exclusively through the iTunes Store and will remain there until it’s official release next week. Kenny’s already been making his rounds to promote the album and is set to appear on GMA along with Late Night with Jimmy Fallon next Tuesday. For those interested in buying the album, here’s the complete Life On A Rock track listing:

1.) “Pirate Flag”
2.) “When I See This Bar”
3.) “Spread The Love” (featuring The Wailers with Elan)
4.) “Lindy”
5.) “Coconut Tree” (with Willie Nelson)
6.) “It’s That Time Of Day”
7.) “Life On A Rock”
8.) “Marley”
9.) “Must Be Something I Missed”
10.) “Happy On The Hey Now”


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