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Labor-Inducing Pizza?

Three women in Charlotte, North Carolina claim the Buffalo Wing Pizza from Hawthorne’s New York Pizza and Bar induced their labor.

One woman ate the pizza and was in labor four hours later. A few weeks after that, the woman’s neighbor tried the same trick to induce her labor, and it worked. 

For the past six years, the women thought it was just a funny coincidence until last month when another pregnant woman tried the same trick and four hours later went into labor. 

After mommy blogger shared the story, five others came forward saying the same thing happened to them. Now people from all over the country have called or gone into the restaurant hoping it would induce their labor. 

The women are convinced that the spice used in the pizza is responsible, but Dr. Alyse Kelly Jones has been an OB-GYN for 17 years and says it’s all just an old wives’ tale. 


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