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Last Man Standing Coming Back?

Millions of Last Man Standing fans “might” be getting their wish. 

After the fall lineups were announced last week by the TV networks, it became obvious that fans of the show Last Man Standing were… ummm… not happy. The show’s ratings were only behind Modern Family last fall, so it’s not a surprise that many people were shocked that the show got axed by ABC.

Studio presidents Jonnie Davis and Howard Kurtzman told VARIETY that they were even surprised by the networks decision to put an end to the show.

“That’s the one that’s really an open sore right now,” Davis said. Kurtzman added, “We really were expecting a pickup. The fact that we didn’t get a pickup was a surprise and a disappointment. I think no one was more disappointed than Tim Allen, such a huge star with such a huge following.”

Tim Allen’s reaction on Twitter

Clear 99 Facebook Friends weren’t too happy about it either. 

Kurtzman (Studio President) was asked if the show would be shopped to other networks and he said, “We’re starting to explore that. If it’s not going to go forward at ABC, of course Jonnie and I are hopeful that we can find another home for it.”

One challenge may be the expense it takes to produce the show, which is because of the “multi camera” technology being used, where multiple cameras shoot scenes simultaneously.  I “guess” this costs more from a labor standpoint since you need more people/equipment to shoot it.

Others speculate the real reason the show got canned is because of political reasons since Tim Allen has publicly supported President Trump.   

ABC’s entertainment president Channing Dungey said “Last Man Standing” wasn’t canceled because of Tim Allen’s political views, rather it was simply a scheduling decision. She says, “Once we made the decision not to continue with comedy on Friday, it was just kind of that’s where we landed.” 

I get them saying they cancelled the show because it cost too much money to produce it, but calling it a scheduling decision seems a little lame. If you have an average of 6.4 million viewers a week, placing the show 2nd among sitcoms, I’d think you could find a time slot for the program. 

DISCLAIMER: Here’s where I speculate… 🙂 

I don’t think it had that much to do with Allen’s political affiliations as far as the network heads were concerned. Instead, I think some major sponsors potentially pulled/or threatened to pull their advertising; therefore, it forced ABC’s hand to cancel the show. That, combined with the increased expense with the way the show was produced, is what led to their decision.

I read earlier that FOX technically own the rights to the show… Weird, right? So I wouldn’t be shocked if they pick it up. If not, I would put a few $$ down that it’ll be a Netflix original soon.

Thanks for reading…

Jamie Mac

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