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LED Baby Goes Viral!

It’s one of the cutest costumes you’ll see all year or possibly, EVER!

1-year old Zoey will be thanking her Dad for years to come and for good reason too! Royce Hutain, a passionate photographer, lighting expert and awesome father, dressed his 22-month old daughter in what’s turned out to be one of the hottest Halloween costumes on the market.

So how did Dad do it? Royce put Zoey in a black suit and simply attached LED lights to the front – making her look like an animated stick man. This isn’t Royce’s first go around with the LED suit, he experimented with the technology about 8-months ago – creating the LED Snowboarding Stickman.
As we all know, when things go viral people respond. Royce and Zoey were featured on ‘Good Morning America’ and after being put in the public eye, requests for the costume soared. Luckily, Royce found a manufacturer to produce them – the official LED costumes will be available for sale in 2014.


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