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Lucy’s Corner Cafe Is Closing Its Doors

I’m sure people will chalk it up to economic progress and how our society constantly evolves and/or reinvents itself, but I think it stinks.

I moved to Columbia almost 10 years ago and Lucy Reddick, Barb Dibben and the gang at Lucy’s Corner Cafe instantly welcomed me into their family. They love country music, so we pretty much hit it off from the start.

Growing up in a small town (Columbia, Illinois), Lucy’s reminded me of the mom & pop, home-style restaurants that I grew up loving. Some would look at the “duct-taped vinyl booths, teetering tables and the way the waitress calls you ‘hon'” as a negative, not me. It reminded me of home. 

Lucy’s Corner Cafe’s atmosphere is so welcoming and comfortable. Nobody cares if you still have your sweat pants on from the night before, or if you’re dressed up after Easter Service; it is simply a place to go for good food and good conversation. 

If you’ve been there before you know that you will likely here Clear 99 playing on their radio – unless Lucy’s son is working – then it will be on our sister station 96.7 KCMQ. But, if it’s Secret Sound time or we’re giving Billy Currington or Jake Owen tickets away, then I’m fairly confident she pulls rank and it gets turned back to Clear so everyone in the cafe has a chance to win. 🙂

Whether it be concerts, contests, Clear 99 events like “Rascal Splatts” (Anyone remember that one?!) or being invited to the Lucy’s Corner Cafe Christmas Party, Lucy and the gang became part of my country family. I’m very thankful for this.  

I know this is likely a scary time for many people who work at the restaurant, but I also know they are all very good, hard-working people so everything will work out just fine for them. It’s really all of us who are losing part of our local history, and a place to go for good food and conversation. 

Lucy’s officially closes next Friday so if you get a moment, then please drop by (522 E Broadway
Columbia, Missouri, MO 65201) to say goodbye to a local landmark. 

“LUCY’S CORNER CAFE – Official Statement from Facebook”

Some of our memories…

Soundcheck party for Love & Theft

One of countless country nights at The Blue Note

Aric Bremer and his son Carter stopping by for some B&G 

Barb and Charlie Enochs at Jake Owen’s show at Boone County Fairgrounds when it was still in Columbia. We lost Charlie a few years back. He was one of the sweetest guy’s I have ever met. Good people. 

The gang on “Pink Fridays” – Lucy, Keith, Lisa and Cody

If you have any memories at Lucy’s Corner Cafe, then please feel free to share them. 

Thanks for reading… 

Jamie Mac


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  1. WTH? Nobody said a word last night! We will miss everybody! So sad!

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