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Luke Bryan’s Wife Pranks Him on ‘American Idol’

If you’re a fan of Luke Bryan, you know he and his wife Caroline are the ultimate pranksters.

The couple has been together since college and always pranked each other, but never on national television until now. Caroline, who posed as a stagehand, came onto the American Idol stage, disrupting a contestant’s audition by cleaning the piano, allowing a cell phone to go off, and ruffling a bag of chips. 

Finally, an irritated Katy Perry goes and snatches the chips from the stagehand with Lionel Richie and Luke looking on in disbelief. 

Ultimately the stagehand stomps over to Perry, grabbing the chips causing the situation to get tense. Katy then pulls the mask and cap off of the stagehand to reveal Caroline. Luke’s reaction is priceless! Check out the video.


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