Meet the Family Behind Ice Cream Factory

If 2020 taught us anything its that shopping local is EXTREMELY important!

One of my favorite local stores is Ice Cream Factory.

Not only are the shops adorable but the family that runs them are the sweetest!

Meet the husband and wife team, Shannon and Katie. Along with their son, Harrison, they perfected the art of making ice cream.

Shannon and Katie were both raised on family farms and know that owning a local business takes a lot of hard work and determination.

Each flavor of ice cream has its own story behind it. How it was created, why it was chosen, ect.

You can tell with each bite how much love was put into their ice cream and that’s why I will always be a frequent customer.

Their scoop shops are located in Eldon and Jefferson City but they also have little mini scoop shops in some BreakTimes around Mid-Missouri.

The best part? Their pints are sold in over 350 retailers so you can find them EVERYWHERE.

Grab a pint or scoop and see why Ice Cream Factory is a Mid-Missouri favorite.

For locations and flavors, click here.


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