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Miranda Lambert – “Wildcard”

BREAKING:  It’s really good.

Miranda Lambert is one of a couple artists that I’ll download their album the day it comes out.  I did Friday with Wildcard, and spent the weekend listening to it.  Here’s some thoughts…

I love that Miranda has rough edges.  I don’t think everybody in Country music needs them, but the handful of those that do help keep things more interesting. 

Miranda has a history of wearing her feelings on her albums.  When she’s sad you hear it, when she’s ticked-off you hear it.  It’s pretty obvious listening to Wildcard that she’s in a good place at the moment, and good for her.  It’s been a rough couple of years.

I also read & heard interviews talking about this being more of a “rocking” album.  I guess, but not overly so, to me.  It sounds like a normal Miranda album musically to me.

Highlights for me:

  • White Trash – one of those fun ode’s to red-necked-ness.  “…I can’t keep my white trash off the lawn.”
  • It All Comes Out In The Wash – This one was on the radio and reminds a lot of people of “fun Miranda”.  She puts real-life in songs better than most people.
  • Settling Down – A nice & easy glimpse into her being content with life. “…am I settling up, or settling down?”
  • Holy Water – bluesy & awesome.
  • Way Too Pretty For Prison – more fun Miranda, and a great duet song with Maren Morris.
  • Bluebird – full of great Miranda-esque lyrics. 

                    Yeah,  I’m a turner
                    I turn pages all the time
                    Don’t like where I’m at
                    34  was bad, so I just turn to 35

                    And if the house just keeps on winning
                    I  got a wildcard up my sleeve
                    And if love keeps giving me lemons
                    I’ll just mix ’em in my drink

  • Fire Escape – There’s not that many fire escapes where she grew up, I’m thinking this one had to be inspired by her NYC Hot Cop Husband.
  • Pretty Bitchin’ – The title is the least clever thing about this song.  It’s  a really good, really positive look at her life at the moment.

                     Well, I’m a pretty hot mess, but hell, I guess
                     I’m pretty sure it’s a family tradition
                     I’ve got a pretty good time in the checkout line
                    With all the free press I’ve been gettin’,

  • Tequila Does – great first line.  “His last name was Flores, he came up from Juarez…”

For me Miranda Lambert albums are like pizzas, there’s no such thing as a bad one.  See what you think.



  1. Thank you so much Clear 99 for all that you do. It really makes my evenings so much more enjoyable having you with me.

  2. Thank you so much for listening Leslie!

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