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Miranda Lambert – “Wildcard”

BREAKING:  It’s really good.

Miranda Lambert is one of a couple artists that I’ll download their album the day it comes out.  I did Friday with Wildcard, and spent the weekend listening to it.  Here’s some thoughts…

I love that Miranda has rough edges.  I don’t think everybody in Country music needs them, but the handful of those that do help keep things more interesting. 

Miranda has a history of wearing her feelings on her albums.  When she’s sad you hear it, when she’s ticked-off you hear it.  It’s pretty obvious listening to Wildcard that she’s in a good place at the moment, and good for her.  It’s been a rough couple of years.

I also read & heard interviews talking about this being more of a “rocking” album.  I guess, but not overly so, to me.  It sounds like a normal Miranda album musically to me.

Highlights for me:

  • White Trash – one of those fun ode’s to red-necked-ness.  “…I can’t keep my white trash off the lawn.”
  • It All Comes Out In The Wash – This one was on the radio and reminds a lot of people of “fun Miranda”.  She puts real-life in songs better than most people.
  • Settling Down – A nice & easy glimpse into her being content with life. “…am I settling up, or settling down?”
  • Holy Water – bluesy & awesome.
  • Way Too Pretty For Prison – more fun Miranda, and a great duet song with Maren Morris.
  • Bluebird – full of great Miranda-esque lyrics. 

                    Yeah,  I’m a turner
                    I turn pages all the time
                    Don’t like where I’m at
                    34  was bad, so I just turn to 35

                    And if the house just keeps on winning
                    I  got a wildcard up my sleeve
                    And if love keeps giving me lemons
                    I’ll just mix ’em in my drink

  • Fire Escape – There’s not that many fire escapes where she grew up, I’m thinking this one had to be inspired by her NYC Hot Cop Husband.
  • Pretty Bitchin’ – The title is the least clever thing about this song.  It’s  a really good, really positive look at her life at the moment.

                     Well, I’m a pretty hot mess, but hell, I guess
                     I’m pretty sure it’s a family tradition
                     I’ve got a pretty good time in the checkout line
                    With all the free press I’ve been gettin’,

  • Tequila Does – great first line.  “His last name was Flores, he came up from Juarez…”

For me Miranda Lambert albums are like pizzas, there’s no such thing as a bad one.  See what you think.


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