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‘Most People Don’t Change, But Some People Do’

This is a story about someone who did change his life, and is now using it to serve others.

Old Dominion’s latest release is called “Some People Do.”

The official video that accompanies the song was inspired by Jason Schneidman. Jason is a celebrity men’s groomer (who also works with Old Dominion). Here’s Jason’s story: 

Jason was homeless. 

Then he went to rehab and overcame drug addiction. (Now 13 years sober)

He turned his life around and is now serving others. 

When he isn’t cutting a celebrity’s hair, Jason helps out the homeless of LA. He provides them with haircuts as a means to connect with those who may be battling addiction issues. “I BELIEVE A HAIRCUT CAN CHANGE SOMEONE’S LIFE” – Jason Schneidman


Old Dominion joined Jason in February in LA to help (and get some footage for their video). 

The clip shows Jason and the band giving haircuts to some of the homeless in LA, while sharing lots of pizza, tears of joy, smiles and so much love. 

Some people do change, and Jason is one of them.

Jason also funds scholarships to rehab centers. For more information about his foundation, visit themensgroomer.com 

Instagram: @themensgroomer


– Catryna 


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