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My Robin Williams Favorites

One you’ve probably seen, and one you probably haven’t.

I’m not sure that “favorites” is even the right word, maybe “impactful” is better.

In 1987 I was just getting started on a career in broadcasting, and all I wanted to be was “that guy on the radio”.

And then this came out.

The second video is one I came across a few months ago as I was surfing YouTube.  In 2010 he was touring Australia with his live show Weapons of Self-Destruction, and this was an interview he did.  It covered several topics including two of my favorites, addiction and comedy.

As much as I enjoy reading/learning/discussing these topics separately, here was one of the greatest of all time talking about them together, and I was mesmerized.

The first person that I heard talking about Robin Williams after his death was Larry King as the news was just breaking and he was being interviewed via telephone on CNN.  He said “We’ll never see his kind again.”

Of everything I’ve heard since, I don’t think anything sums it up better.

williams tweet



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