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Never Shave Your Legs Again?!?

I’ve been told that shaving the legs is just part of life for women. You’ve spent tons of money on razors, shaving cream and learned which products leave our legs smooth and silky for the longest, but a new TikTok trend could have you rethinking everything. A user named Jules shared a video explaining that after seeing another TikToker talk about her method of leg hair removal, she’s now ditching the razors. And she’s replacing them with … sandpaper.

Sounds a little scary, right? But Jules swears by the new method and says it left her skin “so soft.” In her very first TikTok, which has racked up more than a million views already, she says the user she learned about the sandpaper from used 600 grit on her legs, so she did too. Jules points out that the secret is to use the sandpaper in a circle one way 10 times, then change direction and go the other way 10 times. “And it works,” she says.

As you can imagine, her viral video has gotten thousands of comments and questions, which Jules answers and addresses in a follow-up video. People wanted to know how long it lasts and she says 24 hours later, she had a little stubble, but not bad. And there were questions about other body parts the sandpaper could be used on, but Jules says she’s not willing to take the risk on her more intimate areas. “And then the hootie-ha? Yeah, I don’t think I wanna do mine,” she says. “That hair’s pretty coarse, and it might take some aggressive rubbing.”


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  1. Hope Yolanda Forbis

    What grit of sandpaper?? Lol

  2. I believe the article says 600 grit.

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