BBQ Fajitas

New Recipe: BBQ Fajitas

Here’s something delicious you can make using leftover BBQ…fajitas!

You’ve been there before. The BBQ the night before was amazing, but you’ve got a TON leftover. The solution? Make some amazing, BBQ fajitas! My family enjoys these a whole bunch, so I thought I’d share. 

This recipe is so simple – in fact, I won’t even make you read a full-sized recipe. All you have to do is take your leftover meat – chicken, pork steaks, ribs, etc. and slice it thin. Then, toss some sliced onions and peppers in a pan with some oil. Saute to your liking, add a little extra BBQ sauce, and the final kicker…fajita seasoning. 

After that, roll that mixture into a tortilla, add your favorite fajita toppings and viola!

You won’t be disappointed!

Thanks for reading!

Josh Ryan


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