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Occupy Sandy Heads to Amazon

Can’t make it out to the East Coast but wanna do your part in helping Hurricane Sandy victims? A trio out of Brooklyn has come up with a GENIUS idea

Volunteer members of the Occupy Sandy group aren’t getting married but they are teaming up to get relief items to the East Coast. Coordinator John Heggestuen and two of his friends thought it would be a great idea to set up a registry for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. It’s perfect for those of us who can’t make our way to the states hit hard by the storm. From flashlights and blankets to hygiene products and food, the lengthy list hits every category of items needed most.

The three friends came up with the idea after going to a shelter and finding out that they literally couldn’t do anything to help. After walking to a store to buy some food items, the volunteer members talked about how they could improve the donation system. So, what better way than to take advantage of a wedding registry on the worlds largest online retailer – Amazon? It’s a perfect way for out of state citizens to donate and send items to those affected most by Hurricane Sandy.

There are two registry’s you can donate through. To help out victims of New Jersey, Click Here. To assist those in New York, Click Here.


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