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Ohhhh… Christmas Tree!

I started a tradition a few years back involving my Christmas tree, and I need your help!

A couple of years ago I decided that instead of using ornaments to decorate my tree that I would use Christmas cards that people sent. It seemed like a practical use of the cards and gave more importance to sending/receiving them.

I mean isn’t it nice to receive something in the mail other than bills?

Sooo… If you have a leftover card, then I’d LOVE if you would send it to me so can put up on tree.  I promise if you send me one, then I will send one back to you!

Address:  3215 Lemone Industrial Blvd, Columbia, MO 65201

Cards I’ve got so far:

Kristie R. (Top of the tree winner AGAIN for being the first card I received… She sent hers in October:)
Kay H.
Michael, Janna, Joyce
Julie R.
Melissa A.
Sue A.
Jennifer and Luna
The McGuires
Tyler and Susan M.
Emily W.
Megan F.
Oakland Middle School
Mandy and Josh M.
The Gardners
Stephanie C.
Ashley G.
Kristen F.
Michele A. (@Race2Hunt)
The Dells

This Year’s Christmas Tree So Far

christmas tree

And Paisley Enjoying Her First Christmas Tree… for now 🙂

christmas tree 3

Last year’s Tree With Cards You Sent

christmas tree - last year


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