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Older & Prouder

This is my oldest nephew Jordan.  He & Carissa have at least one thing in common, in that through no fault of their own, they make me realize I’m getting a little older.

In Carissa’s case, it was my high school senior picture, that somebody posted on my Facebook page this week.  It was alotta hair and alotta pounds ago, and she had no idea it was me.  But few would.

As for Jordan, he’s how the whole “Uncle Scotty” thing got started, so pretty much everything he’s done in the last 22 years has made me realize that time scurries more than it creeps.

And now he’s engaged.  He surprised his Kasey by interrupting a final dress rehearsal of “Bye, Bye Birdie” that she was performing in at Missouri Baptist University in St. Louis where they both attend.

It’s very sweet.  You’ll notice he’s quite reserved like his uncle.


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