Scotty And Aric’s One Mile Challenge With Missouri Heart Center

In preparation for February and Heart Month, Scotty and Aric have a friendly little competition to get more heart healthy and they want you to join them.

During the month of February both Scotty and Aric are challenging themselves to run/bike/walk one mile each day. They plan to do updates throughout the month to update you, and to keep themselves accountable. 🙂

Some Missouri Heart Center Heart Healthy Tips: 

9 Thousand Steps Per Day

8 Hours Of Sleep

7 Glasses Of Water

6 Minutes Of Meditation

5 Servings Of Fruits & Veggies

4 Breaks Stretching & Mental

3 Meals & Healthy Snacks

2 Hours Of No Phone Before Bed

1 Session Of Exercise


Meet the team at Missouri Heart Center



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