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Bacon Scented Facemask is Real!!!

Hormel has announced they are releasing a Bacon Scented Face Mask!!! Talk about taking Scratch N Sniff to a whole new level!!! You can register to win one at…Thank you Hormel!!! This is truly genius!  What other smells would you love to be included in a face mask! Aric

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Top 5 Weirdest Halloween Costumes of 2020

2020 has been a WEIRD year and these Halloween costumes definitely fit the theme.  If you’re wanting a head turning costume this year, these are it!  Mike Pence Fly Wig: It’s the most popular fly in the world! After the VP debate, costume makers were quick to create this wig. …

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Bacon Masks

plate of hot bacon

Let’s face it — no one enjoys wearing masks. It makes our faces hot, fogs up our glasses, and forces us to smell our own breath. But help is on the way … thanks to Hormel.

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National Dessert Day!!!

I may have the BIGGEST Sweet Tooth of anyone I know… Today is National Dessert Day…I HIGHLY recommend you celebrate! My favorite is a WARM Chocolate Chip Cookie…I’ve done the science and you sometimes have to heat them up to exactly 12 seconds in the microwave! Second I love a …

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