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Random CMA Awards Show Thoughts.

I’ve said before that if the future of Country music was in the hands of Brad Paisley and Keith Urban , I’d be satisfied .  And even thought I’m not crazy about the song “Start A Band “, I thought kicking off the show with the two of them together …

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The Evacuation

If you were listening to Clear 99 the other morning, it might have sounded a little bit different than usual. That was because we spent part of our morning outside! We were evacuated from the building due to a possible gas leak! We thought we’d share our dramatic experience with …

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Believe in Bigfoot, Part IV?

Here we go again!  As you may know by now, I’m a huge conspiracy theorist… just check out my installments of “Believe In Bigfoot Part 1, 2 and 3.”   So here’s part 4:)

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I Went Off-Roadin’

“Isn’t off-roadin’ driving a pickup through the fields?”  Apparently not.  I was told that I had no idea what off-roadin’ was, but don’t worry, I learned.  The boys at Riley Toyota in Jefferson City took the liberty of showing me!   

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