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Scotty & Carissa Welcome Juliet Huddy!

Juliet Huddy, co-host of Fox’s The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet graduated from Mizzou in 1992, and has came back this year to be the Grand Marshall of the Mizzou Homecoming parade. While she was in town, she stopped in to visit. She talked about her favorite hangouts around Columbia from …

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What The World Needs Now IS….

MORE COWBELL:) Since the Cardinals, much to my chagrin, didn’t make the playoffs this year I’ve been looking for a reason to watch baseball’s postseason. Now I have found one.

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Clear Kids in Costumes

Hope you had a Happy Halloween! Thanks for showing off your kiddos in their Halloween costumes. Check them out, maybe get an idea for next year, and Yes, that is Scotty and his brothers Chuck & Robert. (He’s the far right, too cute huh?)  Carissa is in here too!

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Shades Of Gray

The following is an article that I recently found, regarding my family and “The Radio Station Dad (Grandpa) Built in Our Basement.”

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Discovery Channel Geek!

Hello, Jamie Mac here and I am a Discovery Channel Geek!  From shows like Deadliest Catch to Mythbusters to Planet Earth, I LOVE them all.  Though, one of my favorites is Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe.

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