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“Chick Flick Trivia”

Came across this on the MSN homepage and thought it was pretty interesting.  It’s a trivia contest to test your “Chick Flick Movie” knowledge.

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You Like to Watch What?

Does it take you by surprise a little when you find your kids enjoying some of the same shows, songs or things you did when you were younger?  Or have you even found yourself enjoying the same things your parents did?

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Inaugural Potluck.

We received a fax about some of the activities surrounding the inauguration of Jay Nixon as the next governor of the great state of Missouri.

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Am I A Fireman Yet?

This is a REAL TEARJERKER so you’ve been forewarned. I was sent this email today and it really puts everything into perspective.

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Lee Ann Womack

I think (okay, I know) Scotty would agree with me when I say, Lee Ann Womack is quite the lady!   She’s beautiful, her voice is beautiful, and her songs are beautiful.  Her latest hit “Last Call” is no exception.

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