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Went to the Journey concert Saturday night.  I was a little surprised when I saw someone I didn’t know come out as the new lead singer.  He doesn’t look like Steve, but he sure does sound like him!

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Good Guys.

More times than not, the news we hear about famous people’s private lives, is less than positive .  I think that’s why we love hearing stories like the one about Carl Edwards winning 2 races in a weekend, and then helping out a guy with car troubles . As it …

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Brad Paisley has a new album coming out shortly called “Play” and one of the songs is called “Start A Band,” featuring Keith Urban.  So this got me thinking:) if you were to form a band whom would you include?        

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2008 CMA Music Festival

The CMA’s Music Festival took place in June, is showcasing some promotional videos of the festival.  ABC will be airing a special of the 2008 CMA Music Festival with hosts Kellie Pickler, Taylor Swift and Julianne Hough tonight.  Some of the other artists performing include:  Alan Jackson, Sugarland, Rascal …

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Believe In Bigfoot, Part 3???

  So I recently posted a blog about the sighting of the Chupacabra, an animal thought to be folklore until recently.  Well, now they have spotted Nellie The Lochness Monster!!!

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Good Stuff from YouTube

You might not take the time to search the world wide web for good YouTube videos, so I thought I’d bring some of my favorites to you.  These two have to do with kids:  “Charlie Bit My Finger” and “I Don’t Like You Mommy”

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