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The Sandwich

The story I’ve always heard is that the sandwich was invented when The Earl of Sandwich was engrossed in a card game that he didn’t want to leave, but he was hungry.

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Found It!

A couple of blogs ago I mentioned the introduction to the 2008 CMT Music Awards Show.

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Quake Mania!

Maybe it’s NCAA Bracket withdrawal, but some of the guys here at the station are getting a pool together for the next earthquake!

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2008 CMT Music Awards

If the goal was to stand apart from other award shows, I think CMT accomplished that last night.  Random thoughts on the show…

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Dolly on Idol

There are very few things in the world of entertainment that Dolly Parton has not only done, but done better than almost everybody else.  Music, movies, tours, television, broadway, etc.  And now she’s done American Idol.

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