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Pets and the 4th of July

Don’t forget about your four legged friend this 4th of July!  Celebrating America means lighting up FIREWORKS!! While you use safety with these explosives, keep your pet in mind! Here are some tips [and reminders] about preparing your pet for the American festivities:

  • Make sure your dog or cat always has access to their hiding place.
  • Create a comfortable hiding place for them in advance.
  • Walk dogs during daylight hours.
  • Keep your pets indoors when fireworks are likely to be set off.
  • When the evening approaches, close windows and curtains.
  • Use music to muffle the sounds of fireworks.
  • If your pet shows any signs of fear leave them alone unless you think they’ll harm themselves.
  • There is no room for punishment when your pet is scared – this will only make things worse.
  • Make sure your pet is always kept in a safe environment so they can’t escape.
  • Get your pet microchipped ahead of the holiday.
  • Update your pets identification tags – if they run off, the contact info will be up to date and you’ll have a better chance of finding them.

Above all else – if you’re worried about your furry friend this 4th of July, talk to your pets vet!

If your pet does run off, check the Central Missouri Humane Society or your local animal shelter.


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