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Platinum Preview

We’re less than a week away from her next album!

Miranda Lambert drops “Platinum” on Tuesday June 3rd and it looks like we’re in store for something incredible! CMT.com is giving the world a preview of Platinum, dishing out 8-songs of the 16 tracks on the album that fans can listen to before it officially hits shelves.

In an interview, Miranda described the album as a picture – where all 16 songs come together like a piece of abstract art.

“There’s humor on this album, and nostalgia, and it’s feminine. There’s girl power, not in the ‘I’m gonna burn your house down and kill you, but more where I am as a 30-year-old woman and wife. I’m more settled in life, embracing the good and the bad, and that’s all reflected on Platinum. I still blaze around – but in a less chaotic way.”

Of course you’ll find collaborations on the new disc. Little Big Town can be be heard on “Smokin’ and Drinking” while the powerful vocals of Carrie Underwood show up on “Somethin’ Bad”.

Miranda’s coming off of her fifth win for ACM, Female Vocalist of the Year – setting a record for the most consecutive wins in that category. Platinum goes in the books as her 6th album.


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