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Poor (Smart) Person Dryer Sheets

Came across this way on Facebook to almost eliminate all costs related to using name brand dryer sheets for laundry.
What You Need:

1. Container with an airtight lid. ($1)

2. Four sponges cut in half ($1 for a four pack at dollar store)

3. One cup of fabric softener ($.30)

4. Two cups of water (Free)

What To Do:

1. Mix the water and the fabric softener into a plastic container.

2. Add the cut sponges to the mixture so they can soak

3. Squeeze excess mixture out of one sponge and place in dryer with wet clothe

4. Run dryer cycle as normal

5. Once complete, place the now dry sponge back into the mixture.

6. Repeat process

Total Estimated Expense:  $2.30



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