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Proper Facebook Etiquette

I think most of us know that there are some unwritten rules on Facebook, but some people might still need a little coaching. 🙂

  • The only things your friends really want to see you post about are major life updates or funny observations.
  • Never like your own posts… even if they are the funniest thing ever. 🙂
  • Everybody stalks . . . but don’t get caught. Liking photos that are several years old is the easiest way to get caught… Though, maybe that’s your plan… Heads up, it will likely come off as creepy, not really cute like you had hoped.
  • Keep virtual PDA to a minimum. Treat it like real-life PDA… Nobody wants to see it.
  • Don’t make vague posts that make people guess what’s bothering you.  Just put it out there.. or don’t.
  • Don’t invite friends to play all your online games… You probably already know who plays the games you do so be kind and just send the requests to them.
  • Chainmail… No.
  • If you’re going to delete people from your page, then just do it.  There’s no need to announce to everyone that is your plan…  It’s ok.. We all need to do a spring cleaning every now and then, but announcing it seems like a cry for attention.
  • Comment on other people’s newly “Single” relationship updates.  They are already wishing they had never changed their status to begin with… this is like pouring salt into a wound.



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