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Real Men, And Scotty, Wear Pink!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Scotty is in a competition to raise awareness and money.  And you can help!

The American Cancer Society challenged Scotty, and several other mid-Missouri men, to do a couple of things…

  • Wear something pink everyday in October
  • Help raise awareness & funds for breast cancer research, and patient services.

It’s the Real Men Wear Pink…You can help the cause (and Scotty!) by clicking on this link and donating!

Throughout the month Scotty will be wearing lots of PINK and sharing pictures and reminders on social media pages.  We would encourage you to donate, and to share those posts when you see them!


At the Columbia Komen Race for the Cure with Heather & Samantha, BOTH CANCER SURVIVORS!


With Melinda & Joni, their husband/dad Larry is in the competition as well.  Many people don’t know that men get breast cancer too…and Larry continues to battle everyday!






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