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Restaurants rewarding families with well behaved kids?

One Italian restaurant thought so but the public, on the other hand, doesn’t like the idea. A family of 5 walk into a restaurant – no, let’s not go there… a mom, dad & their three kids (ages 2,3, and 8 ) went to an Italian restaurant recently only to discover that good parenting DOES pay-off. The staff at the restaurant noticed how well behaved the kids were and decided to take $4.00 of the the family’s bill and give the kids some free ice-cream. Of course, being the proud parent that she is, the mom immediately snapped a photo of the receipt and posted it to the web where it went viral. Her photo generated over 1500 comments but the majority of them weren’t supportive. Here are a few of those:

  • People with well-behaved children shouldn’t get discounts, that should be the norm. People with children who act poorly should get $5 added to their bill for forcing all the diners around them have a shitty experience.

  • They don’t deserve a discount for simply acting appropriately. I don’t get a discount for not having kids. Dumb idea is dumb.

  • Why do people with kids think they deserve something special from the rest of us? You chose to have the kids and you are supposed to raise them properly. You don’t deserve extra credit for simply doing what you are supposed to do. How about you give me 10% off for not bringing in loud obnoxious kids and ordering a proper meal with alcohol that will raise my tab and increase your tip?

What do you think? Should parents get a discount if their kids behave well at a restaurant?


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