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Road Trip Review: “Cosmic Hallelujah” – Kenny Chesney

I’m a huge fan of the title, and the music’s pretty good too.

(Scotty is going to listen to a different new album on his trips with the Tiger Radio Network to Mizzou road football games, and share his thoughts when he gets back.  Hence, “Road Trip Reviews”!)

The first thing I usually do after I “drop the needle” on a new album is look at the songwriters just to see if there’s any names I recognize, because I’m a songwriter/songwriting enthusiast.  The list on this album is full of hall-of-famers that Kenny has relied on before.

  • Craig Wiseman (26 #1’s! – Summertime, The Good Stuff, She’s Got It All)
  • Brett James (When The Sun Goes Down, Out Last Night, Keg In The Closet)
  • Hillary Lindsey (Jesus Take The Wheel, American Honey, Blessed)
  • Matraca Berg (You and Tequila, Strawberry Wine, XXX’s and OOO’s {An American Girl})

Plus David Lee Murphy, Shane McAnally, Aimee Mayo, Casey Beathard, and more.

I really like…

Trip Around The Sun – A typical Kenny song about living life on a beach, or a boat, or a bar on a beach or a boat.

Setting The World On Fire – He delayed the release of the album so he could include this song with Pink.  Good call.

Noise – Great example of a song I didn’t care for at first, but really ended up growing on me.

Winnebago – A great “let’s-pack-up-and-hit-the-road” song.  David Lee Murphy wrote it, by himself, which NEVER happens in Nashville anymore. (It seems.)

I kinda like…

Jesus & Elvis – It’s a cute song about a bar, and is not quite as cheesy as I feared. Contains the line “…Between the drunkards and the band, it’s a fittin’ promise land, for the King of Kings and the king of rock n’ roll.

Coach – It’ll be the soundtrack for every video, shown at every banquet, in every high school gym, for every retiring high school coach, for the next several years.

Bucket – It’s one of those songs that is so clever it has to keep trying to out-clever itself, which can get annoying.

I really enjoyed listening to it over and over through the weekend.  The biggest Kenny fan I know is “C-Lo” in our sales department, and she says it’s the most “Kenny” album that he’s done in a while.

My problem with listening to Kenny Chesney music is that after a couple of songs, I just want to go listen to “You & Tequila” over and over again!

Check it out and let us know what you think!


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