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Road Trip Review: “It Must Be Christmas” – Chris Young

Chris Young just released his first Christmas album, and it’s not shocking that I really like it!

(Scotty is going to listen to a different new album on his trips with the Tiger Radio Network to Mizzou road football games, and share his thoughts when he gets back.  Hence, “Road Trip Reviews”!)

First of all, me reviewing Christmas music is like me reviewing pizza…there’s not much chance of me not liking it.

Chris Young’s voice is so warm, Christmas music fits it perfectly.  It’s natural, cozy, and comfortable.

And I’m not committed to it, but after listening to an entire album I think I could make the argument that Chris is our best “pure” singer.  He does a lot of different things on here, and they all sound very natural.

On “The Christmas Song he croons, on “Holly Jolly Christmas he honky tonks, and on “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” he shows off his range with some impressive runs.

There are three really good duets/collaborations:

  • There’s A New Kid In Town” – with Alan Jackson
  • The First Noel” – with Brad Paisley
  • Silent Night” – with Boys II Men

Chris wrote a couple of new songs for the album too.  “Under The Weather” and “It Must Be Christmas” are both really good.

I’m a fan, and I think It Must Be Christmas will fit right into your holiday shuffle.


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