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Road Trip Review: “Hero” – Maren Morris

There’s lots of good on this album, but I wanted to like it more than I do.

(Scotty is going to listen to a different new album on his trips with the Tiger Radio Network to Mizzou road football games, and share his thoughts when he gets back.  Hence, “Roadtrip Reviews”!)

I downloaded it for my trip to Baton Rouge for the Mizzou vs. LSU game.  I wasn’t crazy about the album, but it was better than the football game. (LSU 42-Mizzou 7)

Let’s start with some positives!

  • She (co) wrote every song on the album, and writes very well.
  • There’s a variety of style…bluesy, poppy, Country, funky.
  • My Church” – the song is so good, it makes up for what I don’t love on the album.
  • I Could Use A Love Song” – a solid Country song about a girl looking for somebody, not necessarily somebody in particular.
  • 80’s Mercedes” – to me it just really sounds good on the radio, but it fits in well with the rest of the album too.
  • Sugar” – definitely one of the aforementioned “poppy” songs.  It’s catchy & clever, and easy to imagine Kelsea Ballerini singing it too.

Not as positive…

  • Lots of “sh*t”.  She uses the more colorful word for “poo” in 3 of the first 6 songs.  The word itself doesn’t bother me, but the fact that it comes so early and so often makes it feel like it’s crammed in on purpose.  It feels like she had a “sh*t” quota, not an organic process of her writing.
  • I know absolutely nothing about how to produce an album, but several songs just sound over-produced.  Like they were sitting around listening to it and said “hey, let’s try it with this filter!” (I don’t even think a “filter” is a thing, but you get my point.)

I listened through it several times on the trip and as often happens with me & new music, I liked a little more of it each time.  And it’s a little unfair to judge when the first release that you hear over and over before the album even comes out is “My Church“.  I was probably hoping the whole thing was that good, which is a big ask.

Check out Hero from Maren Morris here, let me know what YOU think.  If you like it, BUY IT SOMEWHERE, DON’T STEAL IT!  Songwriters have families to feed too…


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