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Roseanne Coming Back In March

We’re sure you’ve heard by now that Roseanne is coming back with nine new episodes in March. So how are they handling “Dan’s” death? 

On March 27 a revival two decades in the making comes to ABC. The Connor’s are back! 

What’s pretty cool is that most of the original cast is back, including Johnny Galecki (Now on Big Bang Theory) for one episode.

I doubt many people would’ve guessed “David” would arguably become the biggest star that came from the show.

Obviously, Missouri native John Goodman (“Dan Conner”) has had a successful movie career since the show debuted in 1988, Roseanne is kind of a cultural icon, Sara Gilbert (“Darlene”) spent some time on The View, but if you were to line up the cast members I’d guess many people would pick out “Leonard Hofstadter” as the most famous. Craaaazy. 

Here’s what you can expect from the Roseanne reboot. 

Dan’s (John Goodman) character was killed off in the final episode of the original run, so it looks like the show producers are just going to act like it never happened. That’s what the rumor mill is suggesting anyway.

Though, it’s not stopping them from having a little fun addressing how he returns from the dead. 🙂

Some highlights from the show’s original run back in the 90’s. 

Are you excited or are you tired of all the reboots? 


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