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Is Sam Hunt Already Married?

Sam Hunt posted a photo that has fans speculating about his relationship status.

His engagement to long-time on and off girlfriend Hannah Lee Fowler came out January 2, but he posted a photo on his Instagram page today (03/11) that may lead people to believe the two have already married. Hunt is a private person when it comes to his private life, and at the Country Radio Seminar last month, he admitted;

“I’m getting married in a couple months, so between planning a wedding and keeping my fiancee smiling, I’m gonna try to kick up some new music for y’all” (quote via Taste of Country). Maybe this was the reason he posted a photo captioned, “Working from home this spring.”

The photo showing a ring on his left hand was not captioned, and one of Hunt’s representatives was contacted by Taste of Country but had no official comment.

So are the two married? We don’t officially know. The speculation has not been confirmed or denied.

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