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Sara Evans Returns To Mizzou

She’ll be coming back to sing the National Anthem at the Mizzou vs. Alabama game Saturday.  As we try to work out a quick visit with Sara, we recall other conversations we’ve had with her about the Tigers & the Tide!

The first was in April of 2010 after her marriage to former ‘Bama quarterback Jay Barker. At the time we were seeing lots of pictures of Sara in a red jersey, so we wanted to remind her of her roots!

Then fast-forward to Novemeber of 2011 and we were visiting with Sara again.  At this time there was talk of Mizzou joining the SEC, but nothing official.  So we talked about the possibility of a MU vs. Alabama game in the future.

This picture from Nov. of 2001 has nothing to do with the post.  It’s just funny that Sara’s hair, and the hair in Scotty’s beard are both different colors now…


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