Scotty & Catryna’s 2019 Plant Growing Challenge

Not sure how all of this nonsense got started, but Scotty and I are in competition!

That’s right. A plant growing competition. 

Each of us picked a pepper and an herb.

We have our own planters (courtesy of our planting consultant Jeff A) and our own soil.

Unfortunately we have to share the same sun, BUT nothing can be done about that, so we’ll have to make it work. 

We are each are responsible for growing our own plants. 

Here we go! 

Scotty went with basil and a Thai pepper. I chose cilantro and a Carolina Reaper. 


Day 1 (May 29th):

Scotty – 

Day 31 (June 28th): 

Scotty – 

Catryna – 

Day 63 (July 30th): 

Scotty – 

Catryna – My herb died. Oops! 

Day 94 (Aug 30th): 

Scotty – 

Catryna – 

Day 98 (Sept 3rd): 

Scotty – 

Catryna – 

– Catryna 


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