Scotty Finally Does Some Air-Frying

For some reason I chose salmon for the maiden voyage, but here we go! – Scotty

So lovely Liz got me an air-fryer for my birthday a few weeks back, and I finally got it going!

I went with salmon because it was handy.  I don’t particularly like salmon, but I eat it pretty regularly.  That finished dish you see in the picture was a staple as I lost 150 pounds.  Sam’s Club frozen salmon, frozen broccoli, and microwavable brown rice.  I don’t love the meal but I lost the weight so, mission accomplished!


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I used this recipe from YouTube, but it was really simple.

  • While the air-fryer is heating, I mixed 2 teaspoons of olive oil, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, and some garlic.  I just spooned it on the salmon, then salt & peppered it.
  • After the fryer was hot, I sprayed cooking spray in the basket.
  • It went 7 minutes at 400 degrees, simple!
  • I thawed the salmon overnight in the fridge, but it seems pretty easy to do if you’re starting frozen too.

I microwaved a handful of frozen broccoli with water for 5 minutes, and the Minute Rice took…a minute.

Voila!  Super easy, super healthy dinner!

I’m anxious now to cook something in the fryer that I actually want to eat!  Gonna try some chicken thighs next…


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  1. Wow I got to get me some salmon… that impressed me!150 lbs, WOW!!!! Is rice healthier than potatoes? I love broccoli but it does a number on my gut

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