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Scotty In A Tux with Savvi Formal Wear

We hosted the ROARS Ceremony for the MU Athletic Dept.  A fancy event that required some fancy threads for Scotty!

Whenever Scotty needs fancy threads, he goes to Savvi Formal Wear in the Columbia Mall!

“I love going to Savvi because they have all of the styles & colors & accessories you might need for an event.  But they also have people that can answers questions and help me pick the right stuff out!”

tux selfie2

Gotta start the night with a selfie…

tux and cara

With my LOVELY co-host. (Her name is Cara.)

tux and wall

Fancy wall, fancy clothes.

tux and set

Either a “Creative Silhouette” shot or we forgot the flash.


Thanks again Savvi!


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