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Scotty’s Breaking Out The PINK Again For October!

You can help him raise MONEY & awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness Month with #RealMenWearPink!



This will be Scotty’s 5th year to wear some pink everyday this month, and try to raise a lot of money and awareness in the fight against Breast Cancer!

To be honest, I want to raise more money than awareness.  I think most people are already aware, I want them to take the next step and give a little bit.  Or a lot bit.” – Scotty

If you’d like to donate to the American Cancer Society’s & Scotty’s cause, go to his secure fundraising page and make a donation!

Plus Scotty is going to help promote other “Real Men” events (for a percentage!) so keep your ears open when listening to Clear 99! 

You can also follow the competition and events on the Real Men Wear Pink of Mid-Mo Facebook page.


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