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Road Trip Review: “Golden Hour” – Kacey Musgraves

Catryna picked it, I listened to it!

Kasey’s first couple of albums (Same Park, Different Trailer and Pageant Material) got a lot of critical praise, and even a little Country radio airplay. (Merry Go ‘Round, Follow Your Arrow, Blowin’ Smoke, Biscuits)  For those of us that would love for another talented girl to make it big in the mainstream, Kacey looked like it could be her.

But she also seems like one of those that doesn’t necessarily want to be mainstream.  But Golden Hour is nominated for Album of the Year at the upcoming CMA’s, so what do I know.


After listening to it a couple of times this weekend, here’s my thoughts…

  • It’s simple.  I love Kacey’s simple, clear voice and there’s not a lot of over production here to get in the way.
  • It’s positive.  This album sounds like a newlywed wrote and sang it. (She got married last October.)
  • It’s mellow.  While I don’t like it as much as her other albums, it’s just the sort of thing I like on an airplane to calm minor anxieties!
  • It’s well-crafted.  Kacey co-wrote all of these songs, and she writes GREAT lyrics.

From “Love Is A Wild Thing” – 

Running like a river trying to find the ocean
Flowers in the concrete
Climbing over fences, blooming in the shadows
Places that you can’t see
Coming through the melody when the night bird sings
Love is a wild thing.

From “Rainbow” – 

Well the sky is finally open, the rain and wind stopped blowin’
But you’re stuck out in the same old storm again
You hold tight to your umbrella, darlin’ I’m just tryin’ to tell ya
That there’s always been a rainbow hangin’ over your head.  

These are all just my thoughts, give it a listen & let me know what you think!


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