Could be a fun little way to help some local places!

Understandably, people are being asked to stay away from public places to fight the spread of the coronavirus.  But this will take a huge toll on many local businesses, including restaurants. 

Many restaurants are adjusting by offering take-out, or even curbside service.  We’re asking that when you can, take advantage of this service. 

Then take a picture and post it on your social media with the hashtag #ShopClearCountry, and tag the restaurant too if possible.  Make it a selfie or a family pic, or just a shot of the food…have some fun with it! 

It might remind others to do the same, or even give them some options the next time they’re thinking about picking something up to take it home. 

Message or text the picture to us, and we’ll post some of them too, on the Clear 99 social media platforms. 

Obviously restaurants are not the only businesses that will be affected, so if you buy something local other than food…post and send that to us too!



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