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That Ain’t Sloppy Joes

Sorry, I know I’m on a food kick, but my Mom’s Sloppy Joes are different. AND BETTER!

I remember being young enough that the only way to tell one school day from another was what was for lunch that day.

I still remember that Thursday was pizza day, Wednesday was soup or chili day. (w/grade school peanut butter sandwiches.  I’m 40-plus and haven’t come across that peanut butter since.)

Tuesday was Sloppy Joe Day.  I still remember that first Sloppy Joe Day sitting down with my tray with the long slot for silverware  and the square indentation to keep your milk carton from spilling.  But this was not a Sloppy Joe.

This was some mixture of hamburger and a red ketchup’y/bbq’y sauce on a bun.  Years later I would see Manwich commercials and think “Ohhh, this is what they think Sloppy Joes are.”

At our house Sloppy Joe’s were hamburger and mushroom soup mixed together and served on a bun with a slice of american cheese.

I made them for dinner tonight.  One of Mom’s simplest recipes yet still one of my favorites.

Red sauce sloppy joes.  Please…


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