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Sneak Peek At Eric Church’s New Song

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of Eric Church so excited to hear even a small snippet of some new music off of his next album.

Eric has definitely evolved as an artist since his Sinners Like Me album quite a few years back.  I would still say that my favorite CD was Carolina because he had a very stripped down approach to his writing and production.  Though, at the same time, the album Chief was a true demonstration that there’s a difference between someone who simply picks a bunch of good songs and throws them on a CD, and someone who really lets a theme develop for a project and you’re able to hear it throughout the album.

Eric is more of a throwback artist with an outlaw attitude so if this “sneak peak” is any indication of what we can expect off of new album, then this guy right here is pumped up.

“The Outsiders” is the title of the debut single & forthcoming album from Eric Church, the single comes out on iTunes next Tuesday.

Church will perform the new song next month at the CMA Awards

Photo by Townsquare Media Albany


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