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Stapleton’s Sophomore Album(s)

The wait is almost over!

Chris Stapleton invited members of the music industry to Nashville yesterday to shed some light on his upcoming album(s). Yes, that’s plural.

He’s releasing two projects this year: From A Room: Volume #1 (coming out May 5th) and From A Room: Volume #2, which is expected to drop later this year. Stapleton made the announcement at Nashville’s RCA Studio ‘A’ – the birthplace of his debut album Traveler and now, both follow up records.

“I’m real proud of this record, we made it right here. We camped out in here … and had a lot of fun recording things.” – Chris Stapleton

From A Room: Volume #1 features nine tracks, eight being co-written by Stapleton. Check out the titles and pre-order it NOW on iTunes.

  1. “Broken Halos” (Chris Stapleton, Mike Henderson)
  2. “Last Thing I Needed, First Thing This Morning” (Gary P. Nunn, Donna Sioux Farar)
  3. “Second To Know” (Chris Stapleton, Mike Henderson)
  4. “Up To No Good Livin’” (Songwriters unknown)
  5. “Either Way” (Chris Stapleton, Tim James, Kendall Marvel)
  6. “I Was Wrong” (Chris Stapleton, Craig Wiseman)
  7. “Without Your Love” (Chris Stapleton, Mike Henderson)
  8. “Them Stems (Chris Stapleton, Jimmy Stewart and Shawn Camp)
  9. “Death Row” (Chris Stapleton, Mike Henderson)



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