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STOP Messing With My Tree!

Ok… So it’s not “my tree;” it’s OUR tree. Someone has vandalized The Big Tree again, and it really grinds my gears.

Heading out to McBaine, MO is one of my favorite things to do during the Summer months, as it was one of the first things people told me I needed to see when I moved here almost 10 years ago.

I’ve always marveled about the fact that big burr oak just kind of has its place in the middle of a farmers field, not bothered by any smaller trees or any buildings. It’s just there waiting for people to stop by to visit while doing some “gravelin” or coming off a bike ride on the Katy Trail, where it’s been for a couple of hundred years… just minding its own business.

The man who owns the farm, John Williamson, where the tree resides says, “Unfortunately, there’s no good way to take that off. It would really be harder on the tree to remove any paint or anything like that.”

The Big Tree is 74 feet tall and 294 inches wide, and over 300 years old… can you imagine the things it has witnessed?

To give some perspective, it’s roots started growing before the American Revolutionary War and Civil War, and it’s reportedly the biggest known bur oak tree in North America. 

I hate to speculate, but I would guess some teenagers on a road trip thought it would be something fun to do. Not trying to tell them to “get off my lawn,” because I did LOTS of dumb stuff too when I was that age, but “get off my lawn.” As I’ve gotten older I now realize we’re losing valuable pieces of our history like “The Big Tree” in McBaine everyday; therefore, I plead to you – whomever did this – to please show more respect for people, nature, and our history. 

… Rant over. 

Here’s some cool drone footage that Viewpoint Media Solutions took of The Big Tree. 

Photo Credit: Viewpoint Media Solutions video

Thanks for reading,

Jamie Mac




  1. Teresa Singleton

    It is “our” tree and we are blessed that Farmer Williamson allows all of us to make that claim! Whether you are born and raised Boone County, just went to college here, transferred via work to here, it isn’t very long before you learn about “the big tree in McBaine” and from that point lay claim. Please everyone what better learning experience and ability to share and at the same time teach your children , their friends, extended family etc history, caring and something to keep with them always! I Love My tree and I hope you will too!!!

  2. Put a fence around it. This so sad that some one has to do this. What did the tree ever do to them?

  3. just love oakie the big oak tree! it so peaceful out there and it’s an absolutely beautiful!

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